Food and Wine

In the old town’s maze of calli and campielli, you will find many restaurants and trattorias that offer the very best in terms of local cuisine, at times under the shade of arbours.
The culinary tradition here, handed down from generation to generation, naturally puts the emphasis on seafood.

Foce dell'Isonzo Reserve

The Foce dell’Isonzo Regional Nature Reserve is easy reachable by car, and also by boat or by bike thanks to its bicycle paths.
Entering a gangway path, you will hear only the birdsongs and the rustle of the bed of reeds cherished by the wind. In this magic place, draw by fresh water marshes, bed of reeds, humid grasslands and woods, you can also ride a horse, do boat trips, and appreciate some hordes of Camargue horses.
In the Foce dell’Isonzo Regional Nature Reserve you could taste typical products and overnight stay in the spacious and welcoming shelter and, in summer, participate at art and music events and shows.

Valle Cavanata Reserve

The Valle Cavanata Regional Nature Reserve extends in the more oriental side of the Grado lagoon and is reachable from the town by bicycle path.
Is a real paradise for bidwatching: in fact, between beaches and host of sandbanks, a lot of water fowl species live here, and find here the optimal environment conditions for stop and nesting. Here you the possibility to observe them in their natural habitat.


In Grado, besides the sea and spa, various sports can be enjoyed such as beach volley, basketball and five-aside football, windsurfing, sailing, water-skiing and canoeing.
Sports people can make use of many port services.
To complete the offer is an 18-hole golf course among very green surroundings and azure waters.
Grado offers a big variety of sport activities.
For those who fell in love with the sea, there is windsurfing, sailing, waterskiing, or even kitesurfing.
For those who like strolling in front of the sea, can take Nordic Walking tours along the beach, breathing the salty sea air.

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