Thermae and Beach


From the start of the 19th century the Hapsburg aristocracy visited Grado for bathing and for the prized marine spa that today offers a dedicated area for aesthetic medicine and specific programmes of salt-water hydrotherapy and prevention of skin ageing. In Grado the bagni di sabbia were born – the celebrated sand baths – that today are carried out in modern facilities.
The Thalassotherapy Institute of Grado (Marine Thermal Baths) is one of the most modern centres in Italy. 

The philosophy behind the use of marine natural and physical elements, for the treatment and rehabilitation of various human pathologies, has remained uncontaminated since its inception up to modern days.

Our commitment in preserving this resource allows us to set up some of the most advanced and complete marine water extraction plants with regard to ecologic-sanitary regulations.

 You can obtain sanitary services paid by the National Health Service and/or privately.


Almost three kilometres long, the main beach in Grado faces south where the sun shines all day.
The beach is embraced by an inviting and refreshing green area; a clean sea that can boast since 1989 the Blue Fee Flag, which is a guarantee of the purity of the water and high quality services. 
A seabed that is shallow, clean, calm and that gradually descends where the whole family can relax and children can play. A team of lifeguards is on the beach to ensure attention and safety.
Bar, buffet and children’s playgrounds are some of the services you can find here.

Special area were dogs are allowed!!! Many services to let you and your friend having a wonderful holiday on the beach.

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